E AID LIFE, Ecumenical Commitment to Rebirth of Life is a fund raising program to the public charitable services of ECC India

E AID LIFE, Ecumenical Commitment to Rebirth of Life is a fundraising program to the public charitable services of ECC India Trust Reg No: 27/IV/2005 dated 30th Jan 2005. We look forward to creating a society of well-being joy and freedom by striking off discrimination and inequality. We are on a mission to offer renaissance to the destitute by exposing them to the freedom and right deprived of them. We dream of a world that is not left with a category of souls soliciting for their rights. We use this platform to shape up our dream by inviting all humanitarians to join our journey by supporting your underprivileged fellow beings by your valuable contributions to their well-being.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









Children Care

Value every child and create an environment for their physical, psychological and emotional development, the world will move on to a better version. We are actively involved in funding on various programmes and activities related to child care and development. You can join as by making your offerings.

Health Care Supports

To support ailing individuals with kidney failure at their plight of struggle, we have launched a fully fledged dialysis unit to offer free dialysis service. This centre is managed by a group of experts and equipped with supreme quality machines and accessories.

Women Empowerment

Empowering and promoting women towards physical, mental and economical development is essential for the well being of the society. We are engaged in organising various programmes for creating awareness on women health and rights. Be kind to give your part to keep our sisters protected and empower them to leave an independent life.

Support During Isolation

During the era of pandemic we are in action to meet the requirements of people isolated. We are extenting our helping hands to the last, least and lost, so that we can work as the real need identifiers and effective social volunteers of twentyfirst's Century. You can also join as by contributing your part.